There are literally thousands of people within our community who want nothing to do with the organized church.  They are people who are in search of hope, purpose, and significance yet they do not see the church as a place where these can be found.   Many would say that they have a relationship with God, or at least desire a relationship with God...  However, when they think of church, what comes to mind are pictures of judgmental people, hypocrites, irrelevancy, redundancy, boring services, guilt trips, and the fear of never being quite good enough.  Ultimately, when all is said and done, they see church as something that is better out of their lives rather than in it.


Change the way people view the church by actually being the church!  Sounds simple, yet somehow we have managed to transform the picture of the church into something less in a world searching for something more.  If we have any hope in accomplishing our mission, we must get back to the basics of the church as modeled in Acts 2.  A church that recognizes the importance of the work and influence of the Holy Spirit; A church that is identified more by its people then by its property; A church that instead of everything being built around Sunday, carries out a daily ministry that builds “up to” Sunday; A church that has everything in common because their “Everything” is Christ; A church that is committed to prayer, worship, loving others, serving the community, growing in Christ, and sharing Christ; A church that not only talks of grace and forgiveness, it demonstrates it; A church whose reach and influence increase daily as people find their hope, purpose, and significance in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.